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About Us

In the advent of known practice of collusion between the pharmaceutical companies and the medical practitioner which has been criticized, banned and punished over time but still the malice has not been eradicated. Also with the rise of the generic drug industry worldwide with India being the torch bearer we can dream of a stage when no one dies due to lack of affordable medicine in our country. was founded with a purpose of helping people who buy medicines regularly by providing them access to genuine generic medicines at discounted prices. The guiding light behind online ordering of medicines comes from the fact that a good number of medicines are not available beyond the major cities. More so if the generic option is in consideration. Hence, reaching every nook and corner of the India with the best possible options is the goal of The project envisaged by the government to ensure only generic names are written on prescription can only be completed if the patient knows the options available for the given generic. This can be easily tackled with the advent of smartphone and the customized app free for everyone to use.


100% Genuine Medicines Guaranteed

30% of drugs sold today are spurious. We ensure genuine medicines from reputed companies in our entire range.


Only Medicines

Since it is highly specialised field we deal only in medicines and nothing else.


Best Discounts on Every Purchase

We offer discounts ranging from 10% to 80% on our entire range.


Delivery & Payment

Orders above Rs.1000 are delivered for free of cost. For orders below Rs.500, we charge a nominal shipping fee consummate to the location. All orders are approved within 24 hours and payment can also be made by cash upon receiving the products.


Computerized Billing

We ensure you are provided with all details related to your orders. Details like batch numbers, price and expiry date are clearly visible, to avoid any confusion.